I first came to Wellington in 1974 when I met my beautiful wife and, in those days, Wellington was a much different place than it is today as cafes and coffee shops were few and far between and Wellington was rather a sleepy capital city.

In 1981 we packed up and moved to Sydney where I purchased my first coffee shop, which lead to starting and running my own Food Service Business supplying a variety of 2100 products to a number of the finest restaurants, cafés, and caterers throughout Sydney and outlying areas.

During my time in Sydney, we would come back to Wellington every now and then to catch up with family and friends, and on those trips, I could see the change in the coffee scene, like coffee roasters starting up, cafés opening up and it felt like Wellington was waking up. So, I sold up in Sydney and we moved back to Wellington in 2014. Not knowing quite what to do. I spent my time walking and driving around Wellington having coffee and then said to myself “Why not start up food tours to show off what Wellington has to offer?”…. so, back to Wellington coffee…….

Wellington has, to the best of my knowledge at least 26 coffee roasters some of them include Havana, Caffe L’affare,  Supreme, Fuel, Mojo, Peoples Coffee, Flight Coffee, Acme & Co, Gentlemen’s Beans, Rich Coffee Roasters, Ripe, Caribe, Good Fortune Coffee, and then you have some coffee shops that roast their own beans each day and you also have people who roast beans at home for themselves and friends.

I am very fortunate to take guests around Wellington on my food tours and the first stop on every tour is always a coffee stop. If it’s to be a coffee roaster, it is lovely to go to Rich Coffee Roasters, where Rich and Cam have such a passion and knowledge from the bean to roasting and cupping. It is an experience that the guests love, from seeing the green beans being roasted, then the cupping, where they taste the coffees for their flavor and aroma and all the time they get to ask any questions, helping them to get a better understand of the work that goes in to the whole coffee experience from the bean to the cup.

Pour & Twist is a fully manual coffee brew bar, run by Elaine and Zuyi who also have such a passion for what they do and love to pass this on to their customers. Some of their coffee creations are the Orange Choffee, coffee tonic, grey marble, pink coco, Kopi and of course, hot brew and cold brew. Watching the art of your coffee being prepared, makes it just taste that much better and it’s a great start to the day’s tour.

Bicycle Junction is a coffee shop in a bicycle shop, run by Dan who, as a chef, also has a love for bikes and food.  So why not have a coffee shop in a bike shop? Just another passionate location where we stop and share great coffee along with Wellington’s best scones.

There are so many coffee shops in and around Wellington and I have just picked 3 of the places that I like to take friends and tour guests and where they are always made to feel welcome.